Technology Marketing

Marketing services dedicated to commercializing the technology you have developed in the fields of optics, magnetics, and electronic displays with a new interest in cryptography.


 my professional history

 my book, Electronic Information Display Technologies

 Signpost (156 kB) and Garden (244 kB) at Ryosen-an in Kyoto on 12/3/2005

my current (2006) Ceramics Portfolio (1.04 MB)

 my Potter's Guild of New Jersey page

Technical Reports and Market Collaterals

 A new approach for a low-cost, large-area display
 SID-MAC's Home-Theater Debate: Plasma vs Projection Display
 SID'97 Conference Report
 A collateral on a High-Contrast Front-Projection Display System
 VRA Encryption, another collateral

Home Theater Journal

 Impending End of Analog Broadcasting (2006 Update)

 Experiments with DVR Hardware and Software (2005 Update)

 PC Upgrade and Advantages of Convergence (2004 Update)

 Relatively Affordable (PC) Home Theater (2003 Original)

Thoughts on Quantum Mechanics

 Towards a Foundational Principle for Quantum Mechanics

 My submission to the FQXi Essay Contest: What's Ultimately Possible in Physics?

 Circumstantial Evidence for a Realistic Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

 Against Quantum Theory Without Observers

Thoughts on Art

 Review of A Potter's Book by Bernard Leach

 Review of Zen and the Art of Pottery by Kenneth R. Beittel

 Making Raku Tea Bowls and Searching for Wabi Sabi

 Once and Future Humanism: My Museum-Show Sculpture for Ceramics II

Thoughts on Social Issues

 Let's Create a National Emergency-Health Plan

 Under the Radar Replacement for Imported Oil

 Against Peter Singer

 My Ceramics III Statement on 911

 Against Partial-Birth Abortion: My Final Exam Piece for Ceramics I

 Towards an Objective Definition of Morality

 On the Importance of Information in Health Care

Favorite Links

 The Society for Information Display and Ecma International (Standards at Internet Speed)

 Jim Breen's Japanese Page and online dictionary (WWWJDIC Server)

Please contact me if your organization has developed technologies that the world needs but doesn't know it yet. I will work with you to prioritize your opportunities, prepare marketing collaterals, identify qualified leads, and negotiate licensing and funding arrangements.

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